Torquay International School

Torquay International School was established in 1972 and has a vast depth of knowledge and experience about teaching and caring for students. The school is located just a few minutes on foot from Torquay town centre and is surrounded by large gardens and a volley ball court.

The school is proud to say that many of its students and business clients have returned to the school time after time and have recommended Torquay International School to their family, friends and colleagues. The school is now welcoming students from the third generation of some families.

Torquay is the perfect place to experience British culture. It is known as ‘The English Riviera’, famous for its beaches, palm trees and warm climate. In September 2007 the English Riviera received international UNESCO recognition for its rich geological, historical and cultural heritage and was welcomed into both the European and Global Geopark Networks.

Torquay has more attractions than any other seaside town in the UK, numerous exciting events throughout the year and plenty of opportunities for sports, particularly water sports.

Torquay International School offers an integrated social and cultural programme, ensuring students make the most of every moment of their stay here in the UK.

Torquay International School’s mission is to help every student and colleague realizes their potential. The school achieves this by creating opportunities to develop on a linguistic, cultural and professional level in a supportive and safe environment.

Courses Offered:

  1. General English for the over 30s.
  2. Business English for the over 30s.
  3. Business English for the over 30s.
  4. General English.
  5. Discover Devon- General English for the over 50s.
  6. General English for Beginners.
  7. Professional English.
  8. Professional English and General English Combination
  9. Legal English
  10. Cambridge Preparation –Full Time
  11. Cambridge Preparation –Part Time
  12. Cambridge Summer Intensive.
  13. IELTS Bootcamp.
  14. IELTS Preparation
  15. English for Families.
  16. Juniors
  17. English plus Golf.

Reasons to study here

  1. The school has more than 40 years of experience in teaching.
  2. It has decades of experience in delivering engaging, results-driven courses.
  3. Small class sizes and individual attention.
  4. Homestay providers make sure every student enjoys a true taste of modern British culture.
  5. It offers integrated social and cultural programmes to ensure students make the most of every moment of their stay in the UK.
  6. The school is located in the South West of England.

How to Apply?

Students can apply for the course filling the Online Enrolment Form on the website.

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