St. Clare’s – Oxford

St. Clare’s, Oxford was founded by Anne Dreydel OBE and Pamela Morris in 1953, and grew out of a scheme to establish links between British and European students after the Second World War. The original name was The Oxford English Centre for Foreign Students, which later became St. Clare’s Hall, and then St. Clare’s, Oxford. The College grew quickly to encompass a wide range of nationalities and programmes, both at university and pre-university level and in English Language. In the mid-50s, students came mostly from around a dozen Western European countries, as well as the UK. Nowadays there are 50 nationalities represented on the IB programme alone.

As well as longer courses of study, shorter summer courses also became a central feature of the College in the early days. Links with universities in the USA date back to the 1960s and formal agreements by which American university students could gain credit towards their US degrees by studying abroad at St. Clare’s started up in the 1970s, and gradually replaced the University of London external degrees that had previously been taught.

In 1977 the College introduced the International Baccalaureate Diploma for pre-university students, only the 41st school in the world to do so. There are only 13 other institutions in the world who have taught the IB longer than us. A Levels were gradually phased out as the IB became established and we are now the longest established IB World School in England.

St Clare’s, Oxford remains faithful to its original mission which is to advance international education and understanding.

The College campus has grown with the increase in student numbers. From its original base in 141 Banbury Road, the College expanded to allow more teaching space and a wider range of subject choices.

Courses offered:

1. International Baccalaureate

  •  Preparatory IB Course


2. English Language

  • English for life
  • English for examination
  • English combination
  • Active English
  • Personal language training


3. International College

  • University Foundation Programme
  • Gateway to University
  • English plus Academic Subjects
  • Undergraduate Programme


4. Summer Courses

  • Summer Adults 17+
  • Summer Teenagers 15-17
  • Summer Junior 10-15


Why one should select?

1. Oxford is one of the most vibrant and interesting cities in Europe.

2. It offers students from all over the world the opportunity to pursue a first-class education without boundaries.

3. It is authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization to offer the IB Diploma course.

4. The English language courses are approved by the British Council which is an international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations of the UK.

5. St Clare’s is a member of the Independent Schools Association, English UK, the International Association of Languages Centers, Independent Schools Council and more.

6. The school is highly regarded for its academic excellence and teaching experience.

7. Students can participate in various cultural events such as theatre, music and art.

8. Sports and activities are run by sports professionals or staff members for IB students.

9. Programs like Healthy World, Health College, Health You- focuses on physical, emotional, technological, study future and global health, to ensure a healthy well-balanced and fulfilled life of students.

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