Kaplan International

Kaplan, Inc. is a leading international provider of education and career services and a subsidiary of Graham Holdings.

Kaplan began over 75 years ago, when Stanley Kaplan started tutoring students in the basement of his parent’s home. Many of his students were from immigrant families, who wanted to learn English to pursue higher education and become a success in America.

From these humble begins of one man teaching in one room, Kaplan, Inc. now has 31,000 employees in 600 locations worldwide. The school has reached across more than one million students around the globe through various branches of the company.

Courses offered:

  1. Business English courses
  2. Exam preparation courses
  3. Flexible English courses
  4. Long-term English courses
  5. Teachers courses
  6. Work and study English
  7. Summer English courses
  8. Junior English courses
  9. Adult language courses
  10. Examination preparation courses
  11. Business English courses

Why one should study here?

  • Kaplan is offering education services for 80 years.
  • Schools are located in 10 countries throughout the world
  • School is recommended by 97 percent of students
  • More than 40,000 students learn from 150 countries every year.
  • Use unique teaching techniques to teach the English language.
  • Guaranteed result
  • A unique package of books, online resources and club known K+ designed for students to help learn fast in the classroom and at home.


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