Moving to UK for Higher Studies

Moving to UK for Higher Studies, United Kingdom still remains one of the popular destinations for students from China & Middle East.

Popular destinations in the UK

If you are looking to moving to UK for higher studies, every UK city hosts at least one University, its often more rewarding to look for an University which offers the course you are looking for in a smaller city as it you get added advantage of lowering your living expenses and also get to meet & socialise with other international students.

London is the capital city of United Kingdom and home to many leading Higher Education Universities ranging from Business and Technology to more Scientific research focused Universities, living costs can be very high but you might make it in your choose filed as you get to meet & socialise with brightest students from across the world.

Cardiff is the Welsh Capital City, home to 3 leading UK universities and well know internationally, living costs in Cardiff are much lower to any other UK cities and recently Cardiff has been voted as the best city for living as well studies.

Other well known UK cities include, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Winchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Leicester and world famous Oxford and Cambridge.

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