Alumni student testimonials 

Abdulkareem Karasuwa

2013 - 2014

MSc in Electronics and Information Technology

University of South Wales (formerly University of Glamorgan) is the largest University in Wales. I obtained my MSc in Electronics and Information Technology and now undertaking a research project leading to the award of a PhD in Mobile and satellite communications. The University excelled in student support and the facilities and equipment are world-class. The social sphere is excellent; students from all parts of the world come together and enjoy the diversity in culture while satisfying their intellectual curiosity. The Chaplaincy department is outstanding in providing the required support to students of all faith (and those without one) to practice their faith. I strongly encourage candidates to be part of this global space of academic excellence.

Abdulkareem Karasuwa

BA (Hons) Business & Accounting
(Top-Up) - 2014 graduands

Al Ain, UAE 
I am ahmed alkaabi from Al Ain, a small and beautiful place in UAE, I came all the way to Cardiff, Wales to study at the University of South Wales for Business and Accounting course. The University and the course is great, I had a lot to take from the course and the university and implement at my work place which is Al Ain Municipality. Upon my visit to London once I met the University representative at gathering that's how I came to know about the university and city and I joined the University without any hesitation. I would recommend this university and the course.

Ahmed Alkaabi

MSc Strategic Procurement Management

2013 - 2014

Major - Abu Dhabi Police,

Abu Dhabi, UAE 

Recently graduated with a MSc Strategic Procurement Management  degree with Merit. This is my second masters I came to study here Postgraduate diploma but when I met the course tutors and the atmosphere at the University I decided to complete the diploma as masters degree. The course and the university itself has a good reputation in my country and at my work place. I would highly recommend the course and the University to all international student, you get all kind of support to study well at the campus and city is safe to live and beautiful when you explore its surroundings.

Hussain Lari

MSc Public Service Management

2013 - 2014

Abu Dhabi Police, UAE

You can all see by big smile, it was the best day of my life, I had a wonderful time in Cardiff, met lots of different people from counties all around the world, I am now home and got a promotion too. -Photo curtsey, Moisons, you guys rock, I never thought Moisons will be here today on my graduation day, thank you very much guys for all the help throughout my living in the UK. 

Saif Alsaedi

Saleh Al Yafei

MSc Management - 2013 - 2014

Military Services (Navy) - Qatar

This was the best course that I could find which suited the most to improve my professional skills and just what my work in Navy needed, Moisons really helped me to get the admission as I did not have much time to follow up on my university application, these guys really helped me every step of the way. I recommend Moisons to every student who is looking at UK for their higher studies.

Saleh Al Yafei